New Cold Storage Facility featuring fast pull-down technology

RBR Refrigeration Services recently designed and installed multi-use refrigeration system at Robinson's Unloading - a fresh produce supply chain solution. Robinson's are well-known for their service to Wholesalers, Growers, Exporters and Transport Companies. 

This refrigeration system is specifically designed for fast Pull-down, Cooling, Fumigation, Heating and Storage of Fresh Produce. The system incorporated:

  • R134A Refrigeration system (MMA Approved)
  • Prefabricated Container Plant Room
  • High Performance Screw Compressor Package
  • Air Cooled Condenser with Energy Efficient EC Fans
  • 6 x Cool Rooms
  • 12 x Evaporators
  • 24 x Axial  Reversible  Fans
  • 4 x Forced Air Cooling Assemblies
  • Fumigation System (ICA Approved)
  • Extraction System
  • Gas Leak Detection 
  • User-friendly PLC Touch-Screen