Seafood Processing Facility

RBR Refrigeration Services have completed many Installations and Upgrades at Yumi's Seafood Processing Facility at Hallam to service their 24/7 operations. Yumi's are well-known for production of their dips, vegetarian snacks, mayonnaise, smoked fish and other products. RBR Refrigeration Services have installed, upgraded and serviced their various Chillers, as well as Refrigeration to the Packing Room, Filling Lines, Factory Area & Fish Factory. There are:

  • 5 x Separate Refrigeration systems designed to provide complete redundancy
  • PLC touch-screen with Remote-Monitoring capability
  • 3 x Environmentally Friendly  reticulated Glycol systems comprising 3 x Air Cooled Chillers with Heat Recovery
  • 2 x Medium-Temperature R404a refrigerant systems with high-performance reciprocating compressor racks
  • Air-cooled condensers with energy-efficient EC Fans
  • Low-Temperature R404a refrigerant system serving Freezer