New Cheese Factory - That's Amore Cheese

RBR Refrigeration Services installed New Refrigeration systems at That's Amore's New Cheese Factory in Thomastown. That's Amore Cheese specialise in fresh, semi-hard, smoked, Buffalo and other specialty cheeses. 

RBR Refrigeration Services installed the refrigeration plant in: Plant Room, Cool Rooms; Shop, Quarantine, Dispatch, Ricotta & Buffalo Milk Room, Milk Silo & 2 x Milk Vats. We continue to perform regular maintenance and service work to the following systems:

  • 11 x Cool Rooms
  • 12 x Evaporators
  • 2 x R404a Refrigeration systems
  • 2 x  High-performance reciprocating  Compressor Rack systems customised to match varying production loads
  • Air-cooled condenser with energy-efficient EC Fans
  • Environmentally-friendly air-cooled Glycol chiller & pump package